The New York State Monument Builders Association (NYSMBA) is an association of Professional retail memorialists throughout New York State. Designing, manufacturing, installing and maintaining personalized memorials using the latest technologies, while still adhering to the time-tested stone cutting methods of old is the challenge met by our members.

Founded in 1941, the NYSMBA has been a leading advocate for consumer protection. The independent business owners of the NYSMBA have agreed to operate their businesses in conformance with our Code of Ethics designed to offer the consumer a caring approach to the purchase of a memorial to departed loved ones.

Your choice of a NYSMBA member firm is the first step in the permanent memorialization of those you love. Our members are trained to offer guidance and consulting in all the details of memorialization. The association provides seminars and convention programs annually to allow its members to improve their ability to serve the public in this most respected and only visible area of the death-care industry. An informed and professional retailer is your best ally in the search for the perfect memorial.